Monday, November 9, 2015

Review: Superior Source Vitamins

It was quite a while ago that I first started taking Superior Source Vitamins. The thing that sets these vitamins apart from others is the fact that they all dissolve in your mouth, which is great when the person taking them doesn't like to swallow pills or vitamins. My son seems unable to swallow pills and vitamins, so this has been great to have to use for him because otherwise I have to find something in a liquid or chewable version.

By letting them dissolve in your mouth the potency is supposed to increase dramatically compared to when you swallow something and let your stomach acid break it down.

The Echinacea and Zinc Lozenges are something my kids actually enjoy taking when they get sick. It has a slightly minty flavor.

The Vitamin D3 and B12 are such tiny tablets that they literally dissolve in just a few second and the D3 has no flavor to it at all. I like taking the B12 in the afternoon to help me get over that afternoon slump.

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